Emma | perfect shaping of the buttocks


Shapes the body, slims the figure and improves the shape of the butt.

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EMMA is the perfect discreet, seamless and most comfortable women's underwear. Shapes the body, gives a perfect line to the silhouette with a medium fit. It tucks in the tummy, shapes the waist, lifts the butt and tightens the thighs with light pressure and with great results. You achieve a natural and attractive look.

There is a silicone band on the belt to keep EMMA in place and not slide down throughout the day. It does not stand out under clothes because there are no seams. No one will remember you're wearing EMMA. Your secret will remain between us!

This body shaper is exactly what you need to feel beautiful every day.

  • Defines the waist line, flattens the stomach, the hips are tight and the butt is lifted.
  • It emphasizes the silhouette naturally.
  • Band with silicone that gives stability.
  • No seams for a perfect finished result.


MADE IN COLOMBIA – You can be completely sure that you are buying the best quality at the best price from world-renowned modilieri in the industry.

Before you buy, make sure you measure yourself correctly according to our numbering scheme.


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